The Vintage Watch Collection
These timepieces connect us to the people and places that make us who we are.
Men's Spring '24 Lookbook
A collection paring back to the essentials, inspired the casual irreverence of California.
Women's Spring '24 Lookbook
The Schindler House, an icon of early modern architecture, sets the stage for a focus on utility and simplicity.
Moonstar Shoes for Buck Mason

Since 1873, Moonstar has been making vulcanized rubber and canvas footwear in Kurume, Japan. Our collaboration builds on their time-tested methods to create footwear that can stand up to the modern California lifestyle.

Women's Winter Collection '23
A curated edit of effortless winter essentials, made to wear now and for seasons to come.
Men's Winter Collection '23
A curated edit of effortless winter essentials, made to wear now and for seasons to come.
It's a Long Road
It's easy to get caught up in nostalgia, but we believe there are lessons to be learned from history. Success and failure teach us the underlying principles of our field and provide a more informed perspective.
The New Tough-Knit Tee: Made in USA
A new boxy-fit tee developed and made entirely in Mohnton, PA.
Barbara Stauffacher Solomon
We sat down the prolific artist, graphic designer, and architect to talk design, style and timelessness.
Made in USA Denim
The five-pocket jean was born in America, and we strongly felt we had to bring it back home to do it right.
West Coast Ivy
A new take on old-school tailoring.
Eddie Bauer
From WW2 airmen to mountaineers conquering Everest, the early history behind our Eddie Bauer collaboration.
Sea Ranch Fall '23

The simple, unstudied design principles behind our Fall collection.

Womens Fall '23 Lookbook
A curated edit of effortless fall essentials, made to wear now and for seasons to come.
Mens Fall '23 Lookbook
Refined essentials inspired by the remote coastal lifestyle at Sea Ranch.
The Enduring Influence of Jane Birkin
Paying tribute to an icon that forever changed the way we dress.
The Mexican 1000
The free-spirited nature of the rally has earned it the nickname, "the happiest race on Earth."
An Ode to Mothers
From mothers and sisters to muses and friends, we've hand-curated a selection dedicated to the women who keep us going.
Mens Essentials
Each piece in our collection is meant to fill a gap in your wardrobe, making for closet essentials you'll keep reaching for.
Jefferson White
As Jefferson White’s career gains traction, his charisma on and off screen has us excited for everything that’s yet to come.
Buck Mason for Nordstrom

Announcing our first-ever retail partnership with Nordstrom.

The Getaway

The perfect warm weather escape starts here.

Who is Mason St. Peter?
Mason St Peter’s designs are emblematic of the California lifestyle they’re built around and an inspiration for our own collection.
Founders Favorites
Iconic classics from the tees and jeans we started with to a full American wardrobe inspired by our California roots.
Carry-On Suiting

Our lightweight, travel-ready suit separates. Available in three colors.

Field - Spec for Function
A deep-dive on our hard-wearing heavyweight tees.
Norbert Koehn

Norbert Koehn's pursuit of craftsmanship has been the original blueprint - the ethos behind our brand, and we're happy to tell his story.

Objects of Affection
It's the time of the season for gifting.
Safari Special

A rehash of the original Mexican 1000 rallies of the late 60s, with custom-rebuilt chassis and Buck Mason gear to match.

Flight to El Mirage
We’ve always been drawn to people driven by an all-consuming passion. For friend of the brand Dita Unter Ecker, that passion is aviation.
Made in America
The T-shirt is an American icon, so it only feels right to make our signature Pima and Slub tees with cotton grown right here in the U.S.A.