Safari Special

Five days and 1300 miles of racing through the untamed wilderness of Baja California, Mexico. A rehash of the original Mexican 1000 rallies of the late 60s, with custom-rebuilt chassis and Buck Mason gear to match. All in tribute to the mavericks, the cowboys, the renegades, and the machines that made the sport what it is today.


A thrilling if demanding 5-day trek through rugged terrain requires the proper equipment to keep the team up to the task. This year, we outfitted them in our coveralls, a nod to the original racing suits of the 60s, and printed up a limited run of our signature styles to celebrate the successful race.

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Photography by Sinuhe Xavier, Dustin Beatty, Alex Ritz, and Emmy Laine Pickett

The origins of Safari Special trace back to 1967 and ‘68, a time of exciting exploration and pushing boundaries. It encapsulates an era filled with endless possibilities and a spirit of limitless adventure.