Founder's Favorites

When we started Buck Mason out of a garage in Venice Beach ten years ago, we had a simple mission: to bring the classic American clothing we grew up with back in a meaningful way, starting with jeans and tees. As we’ve grown, we’ve remained dedicated to that same mission. From working with the finest mills to create our own fabrics, the best factories to combine innovative technologies with meticulous, hand-crafted quality, and the best team to design the best possible garments and ensure they’re built to last.

The values we stake our claim in are the same as our fathers — an unrelenting pursuit of our craft through honest hard work. We’re committed to creating lasting results that can be passed down to the next generation. We’re proud to share this perspective with Sasha’s dad, Norbert Koehn, who invited us to his studio to shed some light on his own craft.

Our Spring collection is a culmination of everything we’ve created to this point. Iconic classics from the tees and jeans we started with to a full American wardrobe inspired by our California roots. With each introduction we make to our collection, whether we’re bringing back polos and deck shorts or introducing casual tailoring that’s smart enough for a night out, we’re still working to build something special one step at a time.