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The Enduring Influence of Jane Birkin

An actress, activist, singer, and our eternal fashion muse, Jane Birkin wrote the book on timeless, effortless style. From her signature uniform of jeans and a white tee to her cut-off crochet mini, her casual yet captivating style made one of the most profound impacts on women's fashion to date, forever transforming the way we dress.

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With a self-assured confidence, she had the remarkable ability to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, making even the simplest things feel special. Perhaps it was her love for lived-in clothing, preferring her clothes to feel rugged and full of character. She once stated, “I buy things often, but I sleep in them for two weeks, and then they really look quite rough.” It was this understanding of who she was and what she liked that gave proof beyond doubt that true style is all about attitude.

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As the 70s unfolded, she pioneered her signature look; a perfect-fitting white tee, well-loved jeans, and a wicker basket in hand, inspiring a wave of copycats eager to embrace her nonchalant approach to dressing. In the years that followed, she developed a love for well-worn items stolen from the men’s section, embracing the oversized fits and making them her own.  

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Jane Birkin embodies everything we believe in. Her casual, unstudied approach to dressing is exactly why we focus so much of our energy on designing the best basics — because style isn’t about keeping up with the latest trends or adapting to an agreed-upon look, it’s about understanding your own comforts and embracing your own identity.